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stepping stones
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stepping stones

collaboration game design programming

build a path; save your friend

a game built in Unity with C# in collaboration with Andres Cuervo, Alejandro Belgrave, and Emily Rizzo




why is the github repo called “bambi qwop”?

note: the following was written in a haze of delirium when attempting to think of game ideas

A game of happiness, and sadness. :((( Okay, so get this - you’re BAMBI. You’re a newborn deer and you gotta go fast. But you literally can’t, because again this is QWOP, but WAIT there’s Sonich the Hedgehob and he’s a deer this time and you have to both run at each other and you have to reach the middle of it before you die, because you’re newly born and you need sustenance, but also you have to reach the middle line before Sonich the Hedgehob or else you’ll be disgraced (remember, you gotta go FAST).