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anosmia perfumery
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anosmia perfumery

artist book bookbinding

a trove of unique scents

clamshell box with invented binding

the book

handmade clamshell box with labeled perfume sample bottles containing colorful, odorless water paired with a description of the labeled “scent”

the story behind anosmia perfumery

I can’t smell. No, it’s not due to COVID; it’s hereditary. No, I’ve never been able to smell. Yes, I can still taste. This lack of olfactory sensation is called anosmia.

Anosmia is an invisible disability and, most of the time, it doesn’t feel like a disability at all. Sure, I might accidentally have to spit out spoiled milk every now and again due to not realizing its state until after a taste, and sure, I frequently have to sniff something shoved under my nose out of politeness, but those experiences are mild inconveniences. In fact, I prefer not being bombarded with scents every minute of the day. I’ve always found the culture around scents, perfumes, and colognes bizarre and excessive and I try my best to find unscented products.